Watch grandma Muzaffer from Turkey telling to her granddaughter Berke about a happy childhood in the village, her education, about love, who brought the water for the flowers and who the drinking water. She tells also about the trust of people in each other and about the friendly community of Turks and Kurds.

Video and Subs by Berke Soyuer

We Welcome Grandma Muzaffer from Turkey


Berke Soyuer introduces her grandmother Muzaffer, who has stories to tell about the┬ámodernisation of Turkey, independence of women, own experiences and┬átraditional Turkish stories… She is a living history book, and we, her granddaughters want her voice to be heard:

Muzaffer was born on 23 October 1923, possibly but not to be exact. The date she was born was the date of foundation of the modern Turkish Republic. She was named after the winds of triumph and glory of the independence war ambience, ‘Muzaffer’, meaning literally ‘victorious’. ‘Muzaffer’ is traditionally a male name, but could be used untraditionally as a unisex name. In the family tradition, not as a conscious decision, but maybe an unconscious one, most of the daughters have names that are popularly male, but perceived as unisex. My name, Berke, is one of them too.

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