Introducing Grandma Ruhama from Israel


Hadas Neuman from Israel introduces her grandmother Ruhama:

When my grandmother is asked how old she is, she answers she’s 49 years old but then explains, “In Hebrew you read from right to left, consider that and you’ll know my age.”

Born in 1922, my grandmother settled in Beer Sheva, in southern Israel, where she still lives today. To this day, whenever she goes out for a walk, people stop and greet her with an enthusiastic hello, sometimes exclaiming, “You were my teacher!”, my grandmother smiles back, feeling pride that she still remembers their family names.
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Watch grandma Muzaffer from Turkey telling to her granddaughter Berke about a happy childhood in the village, her education, about love, who brought the water for the flowers and who the drinking water. She tells also about the trust of people in each other and about the friendly community of Turks and Kurds.

Video and Subs by Berke Soyuer