Getting excited –
the lovely ladies from Italy are joining in!


Nonna Paola with her granddaughter Giorgia

Paola Scalfi was born in Milan, Italy in 1926. Her parents were both teachers, and her granddad was a respected doctor and the last socialist mayor of his village. She grew up in the fascist regime along with her 3 brothers and cousins and during the war they would steal rice from the fields, avoid the bullets, and eat solidified blood. She has a very vivid memory of the war, the songs and the sound of falling bombs.

Paola then married a handsome young journalist and moved to Paris with him where she went trough tough times and had her 3 daughters.

She now lives in Rome where she has been living for the past 50 years, being a pharmacist, the wife of a troubled political journalist, and a passionate traveller and Bridge player.